Trying to Get Kids Interested

Originally published August 21, 2012.
Much is said in the philatelic media about our hobby dying and the lack of youth involvement in stamp collecting.  As collectors/philatelists, it is our job to try to entice people into the hobby.  Now, we will continue to fight an uphill battle with the likes of X Box, PS3, Wii’s, et al.  we can at least try to involve them somehow.
At my house, I try to involve my children as much as possible.  One such way is developing small mounted frames with stamps of a particular frame to show them the collecting possibilities that exist.
For my son I have created a few displays that reflect his interests:
2009 Centenary of the Montreal Canadiens Issue
Canada Post’s 1995 Comic Book Superheroes Issue


2011 Canadian Pride and Baby Wildlife issued on my son’s Birthday

For my oldest daughter I have put together the following:

Beijing Olympic Mascots from China Post


Hello Kitty issues from Japan


And not leave out the youngest, she has:


Canada Post 2012 Children’s Book Issue: Franklin

Now, will these get the kids collecting?  Only time will tell, but it can’t hurt.

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