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The Grey Cup – The Trophy

Originally published August 21, 2012.

In 1909 Earl Grey, the Governor General of Canada donated the Grey Cup for Canada’s National Football Championship.

2012 sees the 100th Grey Cup game (no games were held between 1916-1919) and this is being commemorated by Canada Post in their 2012 stamp program.

Commisioned in 1909 and costing $48.00, the Grey Cup is made of sterling silver and is 13 inches tall.  The base was originally made of wood, with silver shields engraved with the winnings team name.
In 1947 it was almost destroyed in a fire at the Toronto Argonaut Rowing Club’s clubhouse but escaped with only minor damage after catching on a nail after the shelf it was sitting on collapsed.  It has been broken 4 other times.  In 1978 it was dropped by the celebrating Edmonton players; in 1987 and Edmonton player sat on it; 1993 saw Edmonton player Blake Dermott head-butted it and in 2006 when it broke away from its base during as the BC Lions celebrated their Grey Cup victory.
On two occasions the Grey Cup has been stolen.  In 1967 as a prank, it was taken from the Hamilton Tiger Cats for 3 days.  In 1969 it was stolen from the Ottawa Rough Riders and the thieves tried to ransom the trophy to the CFL.  The CFL refused to pay and planned to create a duplicate trophy to replace it.  2 months later the trophy was recovered from a locker at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto after an anonymous phone call led to it.
The Grey Cup Trophy is a Canadian Icon.  Next week another post will discuss the Grey Cup Game and the current teams who are vying to play in the 100th Grey Cup.

A Smattering of Sports on Canadian Stamps

Originally published March 24, 2009.

This article is dedicated to my (step) son Garrett. Last fall I bought the Garmeister a “Stamp Quest Kit” from Canada Post. He loved it and was intrigued by the stamps that came with it. Every once in a while, he looks through the kit and when I am done sorting through my latest kiloware purchase I let him have handfuls of stamps for himself.

Gar is into sports, all sports so here is a brief article on sport and sport-themed stamps that have appeared on Canada’s postage stamps. It is by no means an exhaustive list of the topic, but intended as an introduction for the best son a Step-Dad can have.

Like all Canadian kids, Gar is a hockey nut. Canada has honoured hockey on a number of stamps. Most notable is the “Series of the Century” set issued on September 20, 1997. The first of the set of two stamps depicts Paul Henderson celebrating after scoring his series-winning goal with teammate Yvan Cournoyer. The second stamp of the set shows the Team celebrating the series win.

Included in the “Stamp Quest Kit” were the 2 stamps issued on June 5, 1998, celebrating the first Sumo Wrestling Tournament in Canada. The “Basho” held in Vancouver on June 6 ? 7, 1998. Gar and I had a good laugh when looking at the stamps and the explanation of what they represented. The first stamp in the set shows us the ceremony of the sport. The second stamp in the set shows two rikishi (wrestlers) entangled.

In 2004 Canada Post issued 2 commemorative stamps for the 2004 Summer Olympics to be held in Athens.

The second stamp of the Set depicts women playing soccer.

Soccer was also depicted in 2007 when a stamp commemorating the 2007 FIFA under 20 World Cup being hosted by Canada was issued on June 26 of that year.

When the weather warms up Gar, often has his skateboard outside with him. On October 1, 2005, a set of 4 stamps was issued for stamp collecting month. The theme of the issue was “Youth Sports”. Depicted on 1 of the 4 stamps is skateboarding along with wall climbing snowboarding and mountain biking.


Canada has issued many stamps with a sports theme; I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse of the sports and sporting events honoured on Canadian stamps.