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An Interesting Acquisition

Originally published November 29, 2014.

Here is an interesting item that I acquired recently in a Box lot I received.

It is the first cover I have that is from Buckingham Palace and I was immediately intrigued by it. When I opened it up and saw the contents I was pleasantly surprised to find the contents of the envelope still intact.

So what I have found out so far is that the Reverend D.B. Rogers was a member of the Anglican Church of Canada and served as a member of various committees including the education and publishing committee.  I am still looking for more information on him.

The person who signed the letter is Michael Adeane, Lt. Col, who was the Queen’s private secretary for the first twenty years of her reign. It is interesting that he was aide-de-camp to Lord Bessborough and Lord Tweedsmuir who were Governors General of Canada during the depression.

All in all, I was very impressed with this find.

C/O CJOB – Radio Mail

Originally published November 4, 2012.

Many of us have heard a radio announcer say “Send your name and address to …”  The below covers were sent to Winnipeg radio station CJOB in 1962 after hearing the announcer say something very similar.

The above cover franked with a 4 cent Queen Elizabeth the Second cent covering the first class local letter rate.  I imagine that Christie’s Hamper is much like the current hampers that people pay towards all year to have a ‘hamper’ full of food at Christmas.  Perhaps they were giving a few away and a loyal listener wrote in hoping to win it.

Below are a couple of other covers complete with their contents sent into Christie’s C/O CJOB.


I believe the George referred to above is George McLoy who worked at the station from 1946 to 1987, an astonishing 41 years on the Air.  He hosted the Ladies Choice Program.

Saran Wrap had a contest on the station as well.  This is demonstrated in the below 2 covers


Royal Upholsters had a contest as well:

The final cover I have addressed to CJOB is for the Robin Hood Rocking Chair contest.

CJOB was created by Jack Blick in 1945 to provide  JOBs for people returning from serving in World War II.