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A Smattering of Sports on Canadian Stamps

Originally published March 24, 2009.

This article is dedicated to my (step) son Garrett. Last fall I bought the Garmeister a “Stamp Quest Kit” from Canada Post. He loved it and was intrigued by the stamps that came with it. Every once in a while, he looks through the kit and when I am done sorting through my latest kiloware purchase I let him have handfuls of stamps for himself.

Gar is into sports, all sports so here is a brief article on sport and sport-themed stamps that have appeared on Canada’s postage stamps. It is by no means an exhaustive list of the topic, but intended as an introduction for the best son a Step-Dad can have.

Like all Canadian kids, Gar is a hockey nut. Canada has honoured hockey on a number of stamps. Most notable is the “Series of the Century” set issued on September 20, 1997. The first of the set of two stamps depicts Paul Henderson celebrating after scoring his series-winning goal with teammate Yvan Cournoyer. The second stamp of the set shows the Team celebrating the series win.

Included in the “Stamp Quest Kit” were the 2 stamps issued on June 5, 1998, celebrating the first Sumo Wrestling Tournament in Canada. The “Basho” held in Vancouver on June 6 ? 7, 1998. Gar and I had a good laugh when looking at the stamps and the explanation of what they represented. The first stamp in the set shows us the ceremony of the sport. The second stamp in the set shows two rikishi (wrestlers) entangled.

In 2004 Canada Post issued 2 commemorative stamps for the 2004 Summer Olympics to be held in Athens.

The second stamp of the Set depicts women playing soccer.

Soccer was also depicted in 2007 when a stamp commemorating the 2007 FIFA under 20 World Cup being hosted by Canada was issued on June 26 of that year.

When the weather warms up Gar, often has his skateboard outside with him. On October 1, 2005, a set of 4 stamps was issued for stamp collecting month. The theme of the issue was “Youth Sports”. Depicted on 1 of the 4 stamps is skateboarding along with wall climbing snowboarding and mountain biking.


Canada has issued many stamps with a sports theme; I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse of the sports and sporting events honoured on Canadian stamps.

The Vancouver-Whistler 2010 Olympic Mascots Philatelic Unveiling

Originally published March 14, 2009.

This article is dedicated to my daughter (technically step) Lizzie, (Elizabeth really but I wouldn’t try to call her that). My Lizzie just loves plush toys and has a real affinity for Olympic Mascots. It started with the Beijing Babies and now has spawned to the loveable and huggable Vancouver-Whistler 2010 trio + 1 mascots or as they are referred to at home the Vancouver babies.

Lizzie not only inspired this article but suggested it when one day she noticed a stamp with one of the mascots and in her very Lizzie way, asked when I was going to put it on the internet.

On January 12, and February 12, 2009, Canada Post issued a set of Stamps promoting The Vancouver Olympics. The stamps feature the 3 mascots and the logos for both the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics.


The first of her Vancouver babies and her favourite is Sumi. Sumi is a Guardian Spirit and takes his role very seriously. He lives in Whistler and lists Hot Cocoa as his favourite food. He loves alpine skiing and flying over the coast mountains and wants to share his forest and mountain home with the rest of the world. His favourite colour is fern green. You can see Sumi on the right indulging in a game of wheelchair curling. Also pictured on the stamp is the logo of the 2010 Paralympic winter games. The $1.18 stamp was issued on February 12, 2009, with the souvenir sheet, a month after the other values and stamps. This was done to mark the 1-year countdown to the start of the games. It was issued in booklets, coils and as part of the souvenir sheet.


The next baby is Miga who is a Sea Bear. Sea Bears are part killer whale and part bear. Miga is special because her bear part is from the Kermode bear, which is a rare white bear only found in British Columbia.

She lives off the coast of Vancouver Island. Miga is a very adventurous Sea Bear who lists surfing and snowboarding among her hobbies. She has an appetite for wild salmon and dreams one day of landing a “corked 720 in the half-pipe”. Miga’s favourite colour is forest green.

Miga looks to be attempting that corked 720 on the stamp featuring her on the left. The 98¢ stamp was issued in booklets, coils and as part of the souvenir sheet.


The last Vancouver baby is Quatchi. Now, Quatchi is a sasquatch who tends to be shy but friendly.

A true Canadian, Quatchi, loves all winter sports but is especially fond of hockey. He dreams one day of becoming a world famous hockey goalie. Much like the author, he is keen on all sorts of food and is always willing to try new varieties and kinds. Chill Blue is his favourite colour and he also likes photography and travel. His home, well no one really knows where the Sasquatch lives, it is a mystery.

Pictured playing hockey, it seems the Quatchi is getting his break on the $1.65 stamp. It was issued in booklets, coils and as part of the souvenir sheet.

I hope you, and my Princess Lizzie like the philatelic expose of the latest Olympic mascots.



Paintings From Canada’s Centennial Issue

originally published January 17, 2009

Canada Post’s Centennial Issue series of stamps were issued between 1967 and 1971. This series included 7 stamps based on works by famous Canadian artists. All 7 stamps were issued on February 8, 1967.


The 8 cent stamp features the “Alaska Highway between Watson Lake and Nelson” painted by A.Y. Jackson in 1943. Born in Montreal in 1882, he was a member of the Group of Seven. A.Y. Jackson passed away in 1974 at Kleinburg, Ontario.

Darnell No. 517


The “Jack Pine” painted between 1916 and 1917 by Tom Thomson is on the 10 cent stamp. Thomson was born in 1877 and died tragically while canoeing in Algonquin Park in 1917. Thomson was also a member of the Group of Seven.

Darnell No. 518


Painted circa 1930 the “Greenland Mountains” painted by Lawren Harris is featured on the 15 cent stamp. In 1939 he became the leader of the Transcendental Group of Painters. Harris was born in Brantford, Ontario in 1885 and died in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1970.

Darnell No. 519


The 20 cent stamp has “The Ferry, Québec”, which was painted in 1907 by James Wilson Morrice. Morrice was born in Montreal in 1865 and was admitted to the Bar in Ontario. After studying for and passing the Bar exam he dedicated himself to his art. He died in Tunisia in 1924.

Darnell No. 520


J.E.H. MacDonald was born in 1873 in Durham, England his family immigrated to Canada in 1887. Educated in Toronto and Hamilton, while working at the Grip he met Tom Thomson and other future members of the Group of Seven. MacDonald is considered one of the most important Canadian landscape artists. He died in Toronto in 1932. His “The Solemn Land” completed in 1921 is the design on the 25 cent stamp.

Darnell No. 521



Completed in 1941, John Ensor’s the “Summer’s Store” is on the 50 cent stamp. Ensor was born in Llanishen, Wales in 1905 and immigrated to Canada with his family. He served with the Royal Canadian Air Force and was an Industrial Designer. He died in Ottawa, Ontario in 1995.

Darnell No. 522



The 1 dollar stamp features Henry George Glyde’s “Imperial Wildcat No. 3, Excelsior Field, near Edmonton” painted in 1950. Glyde who was born in 1906, was an art teacher in Alberta and influenced Western Canadian Art in his long and distinguished career. Henry Glyde died in 1998.

Darnell No. 523



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