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Welcome to my flight simulator page.  While you are here look around, read my logbook, view some screenshots, then visit some premium sites by checking out my links.  I would also ask you to please donate to Charity Flight.

A little bit about myself now that the general introduction is over.   My name is Alyn Lunt and I have been flight simming since 1995.  As soon as I discovered highspeed internet in the late 90's (read: I could afford it), I began flying on-line with Canadian Virtual Airlines.  One could say since my first flight on-line with SATNET, I was definitely hooked and have been flying the virtual skies ever since.  My on-line organization of choice is the International Virtual Aviation Organization or IVAO as they are known.  On occasion I use VATSIM or Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network.

Well I finally bit the bullet and purchased A Century of Flight.  I like it, runs slow in some areas on my old desktop system, but on the whole I think it is the best flightsim out there.  Next major purchase will be a new system to get the full experience with it.

I have also bought Active Sky V, LDS 767 (Awesome), PSS A330 (Awesome), PSS A340(Love It), and PMDG 737(Not To Shabby).  I highly recommend them all.

I hope to have this site updated more frequently and I hope to have the Flight Plan Database up and running soon.