In a recent auction win, I scored a number of postally used United Nations Covers. While browsing through them I enjoy discovering the various pictorial postmarks and slogan cancels.

Cover with World Assembly on Aging Slogan Cancel

I was interested to find out more information on the what the “World Assembly on Aging” was about. So I turned to Google and my search took to me a page on the UN website.

The First World Assembly of Aging took place between July 26th and August 6th, 1982, in Vienna. The goal of the Assembly was to launch a world wide effort for an international program that would guarantee the economic and social security for older persons. As a result of the assembly, the Vienna International Plan of Action was adopted.

The Aims of the plan of action were to strengthen the capacities of Governments and society to effectively deal with aging populations in terms of the potential and dependency needs of older persons. Sixty-two recommendations were made in the for research, data collection, analysis, training and education in the following sectors:

  • health and nutrition
  • protection of elderly consumers
  • housing and environment
  • family
  • social welfare
  • income security and employment
  • education

From a philatelic standpoint the cover provides a clear CDS detailing that the cover was posted February 7, 1983 at the United Nations New York sometime in the PM. The slogan cancel is cancelling the 20 cent World Communications Year commemorative stamp issued on January 28, 1983.


First World Assembly on Ageing, 26 July-6 August 1982, Vienna