From the same boxlot that I found the Harold Cohen exhibition card in, there were a number of cards to the Vancouver Art Gallery announcing various art exhibitions. The one for this post was announcing an upcoming exhibit for Enzo Esposito.

Postcard sent April 13, 1978 franked with a 70 lire stamp featuring the Gubbio (SG1543), from the Tourist Publicity series

The front of the card has an interesting drawing that looks to be a hand that is holding a knife of dagger. It appears that the dagger is either being plunged into or removed from a rock or mask.

Artwork from Esposito

Who is Enzo Esposito

Enzo Esposito is an Italian artist who was born in Benevento in 1946. He was educated at the Art Academy of Naples and after finishing there he became interested in conceptual art. Many of the websites I used to research him list him as still active.

He is mainly known for his use of white and the use of Viennese Actionism where the main character is the artists body itself and was subjected to torture. Using that definition it is clear to see that the illustration on the card makes perfect sense.

Who is Pasquale Trisorio

Pasquale Trisorio and Lucia Trisorio founded the Studio Trisorio in 1974. It is still in operation at the address that is listed on the card with the same phone number.

Studio Trisorio