What is it?

Here is my what is it section. I will post images of stamps/labels/cinderellas/etc. that I am having trouble identifying. Once I figure out what they are I will post the answers here as well.

Russian Trade Union Membership Stamps

It appears that these are Russian trade union membership stamps. Many thanks to the members at Stamporama for helping me figure this out.

Belgian Ration Stamp

This interesting litle one came in a kiloware mix. I am stumped no longer. Thanks to John Seidl, president of the ISWSC I now know that this is a ration stamp issued under the German Occupation of Belgium. Thanks John.

1922 Liechenstein

This one is no longer a mystery it is from Liechtenstein. Scott 39, Gibbons 35. Printed 1922 Perf 12.5

1926 Tannu Tuva

These have been identified thanks to some members of Stamporama. They are Tannu Tuva Scott Numbers 2, 3 and 4. Printed by litho in 1926, perforated 13½.