Welcome to My Stamp Collecting Website

I have re-designed the site again to further streamline the look, freshen it up a bit and make it more compliant with HTML 5. I hope you like it. As always questions and comments are welcome. Just drop me an email.

Art Gallery Added

I have just recently added the "Art Gallery" to the website. This section of the site shows off my “Painting on Stamps” topical stamp collections. The pages are made through a custom template designed by me, with the data coming from GCStar which is a collection management program developed for Linux. You can reach the gallery here.

Canadian Pictorial Cancels

I have recently begun to collect Canadian pictorial cancellations. You can see my progress/commentary at: http://phabphilately.blogspot.ca/p/my-pictorial-cancel-collection.html.

Other News and Information

I ask that you support Alyssah Alcala and her QE II exhibit, you can check her site out by going to my links section and looking for it under the General Links category.

I have published another article on Stamporama, you can check out what I have written for Stamporama by clicking here and searching for Alyn.   With the demise of My Philately, I was forced to convert all my stuff that was originally there to .pdf files. I have placed them in my articles section. You can reach it here, or by the link at the top of the page.

Another project I am working on is a series of presentations/pages on the history of Canada through postage stamps. My hope is that this will become a series and will be used by students and educators alike. Although the idea is still to complete this section It is still a ways off.

Philatelic Memberships

I am a member of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC), the British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS), International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors (ISWSC), the Ships on Stamps Unit of the American Topical Association and the the American Topical Association.

Other Sites

Pick up the Following Book

I know the below isn't stamp related, but it is for a great cause, our kids, if you have a child/grand child the book below would be a great addition to their library, while teaching us all a few things.

Gordon's Treasure a Sparkle Cove Adventure

Please consider purchasing the above book from up and coming childrens author Christina Doucette.

Sparkle Cove is a magical home, to Gordon the water dragon, and his group of friends. Gordon discovers that by helping his friends with problems, he can collect his unique gems, for his home and treasure chest (description from Amazon.com).