Welcome to my new home on the world wide web. I have recently changed my web hosting provider and will be redesigning my site over the coming months.

I will also be blogging some more on a variety of topics. It will be a throw back to the rants I use to post way back on the original alynlunt.com.  You can access my blog posts from the widget at right,  the link above or clicking here.

Below is a little more information about me and this site.

Welcome to alynlunt.com I have redesigned this site as I am upgrading my HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills. I also offer some examples of the work I can do for you including some typesetting services and web design and development for you.

One of my hobbies is philately, which is just fancy talk for stamp collecting. I have a site dedicated to stamp collecting which is located at http://alynlunt.com/stamps

I have added a blog located at phabphilately.blogspot.com as a quick way to add blogarticles (do you like that blog and article), on my stamp collection and collecting interests.

Some of the other hobbies I have are amateur astronomy, taking pictures with my cell phone, web development, programming and chess.

I started designing web pages in 1995 when I was at Carleton University studying for my history degree.

Since then I have refined my skills and I am constantly looking to upgrade with the latest skills and technologies.

Some sites I have worked on:

Alyn’s Stamp Site
International Society of World Wide Stamp Collectors
My Flight Sim Site

If you are looking at having a custom website designed please contact me.

If you are looking for typesetting services I also am proficient in the use of LaTex and Tex. These are used to professionally typeset documents into .pdf format.

Please contact me if you need a document typeset.