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Welcome to I have started to redesign the site as I look at honing my HTML and Javascript skills. If all goes well I should have a fresher site in no time what so ever. I wouldn't hold my breath just in case life slows me down.

I've expanded my hobbies and interests to include chess and backyard astronomy along with my stamp collecting. I have added a blog located at as a quick way to add blogarticles (do you like that blog and article), on my stamp collection and collecting interests.

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Gordon's Treasure a Sparkle Cove Adventure

Please consider purchasing the above book from up and coming childrens author Christina Doucette.

Sparkle Cove is a magical home, to Gordon the water dragon, and his group of friends. Gordon discovers that by helping his friends with problems, he can collect his unique gems, for his home and treasure chest (description from

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